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How Can The Ultrasound Clinic Help You?

My company is set up to benefit those with limited, or no insurance. This service will:

Sonographers are trained and experienced individuals in the art of ultrasound imaging and they must be registered in the modality they practice.

For example, a Sonographer registered in vascular imaging (RVT) or (RVS) through the ultrasound controlling board ARDMS has proven their skill set with a submitted clinical form and has passed a formal ultrasound exam. This ensures you are getting a qualified sonographer. Carotid duplex and bilateral leg venous ultrasounds study to rule out DVT, also known as blood clots, are two exams routinely performed by a registered vascular technologist. A carotid ultrasound is needed to review the blood flow or lack of blood flow to the brain and normally takes 15-20 minutes. While a bilateral venous leg ultrasound can take longer should the patient have pain and swelling in the lower extremities.

One great thing about utilizing a Sonoscape S2 ultrasound machine is how fast one can input patient information and begin working on ultrasound imaging. If you go to a hospital or imaging center you have to wait to be processed and then wait to be seen. This is an example of flexibility offered by The Ultrasound Clinic.

At The Ultrasound Clinic exam price parallels Medicare and the customer gets one bill. A hospital or imaging center will charge a much higher rate and may have two bills:

In our time of higher healthcare costs and lower coverage, I know that exam prices matter.

Please understand that all scheduled ultrasound exams require a written doctor's order. All exams and Radiologist's dictation is kept in a HIPAA compliant data storage. A copy of the Radiologist report will be sent to your doctor.

Thank you for reading my article. For those Sonographers who wish to follow me in development of their own business, please email me and I will send you my success story from June 2011 to September 2014 - A Road Map to Success for Sonographers.